Building teacher capacity through digital collaboration

The Teacher Practice Network (TPN) is a community of educators from St. Bernard, Jefferson, West Baton Rouge, and Terrebonne Parishes. This site aims to provide literacy-rich resources and development for all content-area teachers and leaders across Louisiana.


Strategic teachers approach literacy in the classroom cyclically: assessing students’ written work, analyzing what the student’s instructional needs are based on the writing samples, and teaching the skills necessary to overcome weaknesses identified from student writing samples.

Assess: Collaboratively designed Common Writing Assessments allow teachers a framework to inform instructional decisions. Teachers and school leaders can build and perfect the skills required to develop and implement tasks that allow assessment of student understanding through writing.

 Analyze: Analyzing data obtained through student writing samples, teachers can identify strengths and areas for growth in students’ literacy skills. Once student needs are pinpointed through data analysis, teachers can use Mini-Tasks to build the literacy skills needed, as evidenced by the student writing.

Teach: After analyzing student data, teachers will be able to identify where the student need is greatest. Mini-Tasks provide teachers with lesson resources that can be used across multiple grade levels and content areas to develop the literacy skills students need.